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For the "our song" square in my cottoncandy bingo card. More Hogwarts 'verse.

Homestuck | Roxy & Dirk | 1500 words | PG | at AO3

Summary: The end of Seventh Year is coming too soon for Roxy.

Celestina Warbeck Ultimate Mixtape )
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For the "candy" square in my cottoncandy bingo card.

Homestuck | Feferi♥Sollux, Sollux♠Eridan | 2900 words | PG | at AO3

Sollux didn’t plan to start Fourth Year playing terrible travel games with Slytherin aristocracy, but the honour of Ravenclaw House is at stake. Apparently.

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I have a [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo card! Under the cut:

where the majyyks happen )

I have decided to use it to do the most self-indulgent thing I can think of, which is writing stand-alone ficlets in the Homestuck Hogwarts AU I've been playing around with. (Mostly I just mean I've been sending a bunch of emails to [personal profile] blottingtheink about House Sorting, because that is the first great joy of a Hogwarts AU.)

I don't know how many I'll do, or whether they'll all strictly be fluff - I'm not really all that focused on getting bingos? But so far it's really fun. I actually wrote a Jane/Roxy ficlet for the first square, because cotton candy ship, but then I didn't like it, so I'll have to find something else to fill that. I have a Feferi/Sollux fill for the second square, though, which I'll cross-post here this evening. It's up on AO3 now.

(I've never felt any urge to write Feferi/Sollux before, I think it's going to be that kind of 'verse.)


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