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I spent Friday night hyperventilating with feelings and fannish joy as I went through the update, which exhausted itself as the working week caught up with me and the walkaround continued and [personal profile] blottingtheink eventually signed out and went to bed because it was, you know, morning where she was; then I spent Saturday reading tumblr reactions and fic about the new characters and redoing the walkaround to save all the dialogue (... ahaha. ha.) and basically burning out on anything to do with Homestuck. And now I'm actually in the mood to write thoughts. Yay \o/

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I have had 'Luck Be a Lady' stuck in my head on a solid rotation since the HSO Round 1 prompt went up. This is producing more ideas about Vriska being unladylike than it is ideas involving actual gambling, unfortunately.

I am starting to pull together a story idea, but at the moment it's mostly about the emotional payoff at the end, and the constrictions that puts on what the premise and setting can be. Basically I have just one insight about blackrom that I like, and I've worked out how to turn it into an emotional resolution. I'm still tossing around ways to use the prompt, though. Using a Vriska prompt to write a Vriska story is almost too neat a fit: Vriska's entire life fits the gambling theme, so how do you actually make the theme stand out in an interesting way?

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I took a sort of mini-Homestuck hiatus this week, actually. I think I was starting to burn out in general? So I read two 400-page novels in almost a gulp, and no fic, and I feel like there's more space in my head now. If I'm going to sign up for the HSO, probably I could do with a little space in my head.

... I realise that at the end of HSO the entire fandom will probably be in a No more exchanges for a while NO REALLY sort of mood, but I keep hoping if I just wish it hard enough somebody will get up an ashen exchange. I am accumulating ashen OTPs like spare pens. OTTs?
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Oh man, you guys, lookittt. kuzujuk drew the most darling art for my John/Karkat fic No Quiet Sleeper.

I can't close the tab, I just keep beaming at it. John Egbert, your face is inappropriate.

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