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Tonight is All of the Posts Night, sorry. Next themed set of recs! This one is tentacles.

... yes. God, I am so weirdly charmed by this fandom's tentacle habit. Some of these are tragic and some are hot and wrong and some are hilarious and some are really darling. A lot of them are Rose.

Say, Lady, the Tentacles Ain't Half Bad by kayliemalinza (Jade/Rose)
(1,700 words, mature.) Jade is following an intriguing new smell on the battleship, when she finds Davesprite attempting to fight off a terrifying grimdark lady with tentacles. This is very much dogtier Jade, she's doggy and godpowered and super inappropriate, and this is just ... it's weird and disturbing and full of body horror and it is so fucking delightful. I couldn't keep the delighted grin off my face, I wanted to roll around and gnaw on it like Jade. Ummmmmmmmm. God.

Dear Penthiive by Anonymous (Feferi/Sollux)
(3,800 words, explicit.) Sollux doesn't know what he did to deserve this, but he's really hoping he doesn't do anything to fuck it up. This is kind of darling xeno porn, complete with Sollux's insecurities and Feferi's determination.

Learning Each Other (Got a Lot to Learn) by [personal profile] cypher (John/Karkat)
(1,800 words, explicit.) Funny and rather sweet xeno aphrodisiac first time tentacle PWP. File this one under things I read three times before realising that I had better bookmark them.

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Another themed rec set! This one's for stories set on the battleship or the meteor during the three-year journey to the new session.

Adventures in Collaborative Storytelling by [personal profile] askerian (Jade/Karkat/John)
(2,500 words, explicit.) Prospit twins battleship fic, in which accidental typing in the wrong window leads to uncomfortably revealing collaborative porn writing. Oh my god. I am absolutely delighted with this, and also weirdly uncomfortable in a way where I almost feel as though I've betrayed the characters' privacy by reading it? I don't even know. But it's awesome, both their voices are great, and the accidental revelations are even greater.

The Impossible Project by [personal profile] gloss (Dave & Terezi & WV)
(1,200 words, illustrated, G.) It's not like Dave is really pining to resume photography. Oh, I love this. The Cantown Council forever. Seriously, this has such a great Dave voice, the inside of his head and what's important to him, and most of all it's such a great little view on the relationship between Dave and Terezi and the Mayor, on the meteor.

The Second Verse by [personal profile] sour_idealist (Terezi & Vriska)
(1,600 words, G.) Terezi can still smell the berry-blue stain on the roof. Ughhh why does this fandom make me want to read all the things that will break me. This is a really great, story-shaped snippet of the Scourge Sisters and what they were and what they messed up, with an excellent Terezi voice. And a gut-wrenchingly perfect conclusion.

Cape Wrath by elwing_alcyone (Dave/Karkat)
(1,800 words, G.) That one time was, as it turned out, only the first time Karkat touched Dave's cape. Sadly no cape biting, but this is ridiculously cute. Featuring bonus WV.


Others? What have I missed?
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I currently have 132 Homestuck bookmarks at pinboard, which seems like an excellent reason to start posting rec sets. I'm going to start out with a few themed sets. This one is for the Alpha kids.

Loops by lantadyme (Roxy & the Auto-Responder)
(1600 words, G.) A pesterlog between Roxy and Dirk's Auto-Responder. Oh man, Lalonde is the best friend any artificial boy could ask for. Written before they had interacted in canon, but a great version of their dynamic.

can you take me back where i came from by attentionmerrymakers (Dirk & Roxy, Dirk/Jake, Roxy/Jane)
(4900 words, teen.) A high school AU. Dirk's fate was basically sealed the first time Roxy Lalonde kicked her feet up on the desk next to him and asked him about his auto class project. This has the most flawless characterisation for all four of the kids, I love them so much it hurts. It also somehow feels longer than it is, like a full-length AU, which I appreciated a lot. (Warning for one of the pairings being incredibly unresolved.)

Betty Crocker Bought A Batch Of Bitter Butter by attentionmerrymakers (Roxy & Jane)
(1900 words, teen.) It's Roxy's fifteenth birthday, and Jane has, of all birthday presents, sent her an invitation to join BettyBother. This pretty much goes nowhere, and has already been jossed as far as Roxy's homelife goes. And it delights me utterly, I can't even say.

How You Survived the War by roachpatrol (Dirk/Jake)
(3200 words, explicit.) It's the Novice Mode on the Strifebot Dirk sent him that gets him, and it's how much the robot looks like Dirk. Fuck. Um, wow, yes. This is an excellent depiction of Jake, intrepid chipper young gentleman adventurer and so incredibly, starvingly alone. (Now jossed for the canon starving aloneness of Dirk and Roxy.) It's painful as hell and wonderful.

Rendezvous Mode by Laylah (Dirk/Jake)
(2200 words, explicit.) Dirk's added some new processes to the brobot for Jake to try out, if he's okay with it. This pairing kills me with all its potential for heartbreak. But this is basically pining porn, plus a robot, and it's pretty great.

Tomb Raiders by Laylah (Dirk/Jake)
(2800 words, mature.) Dirk, Jake, makeouts on the summit of a temple. Yep.

Waiting for the Cavalry by elwing_alcyone (Roxy & Dirk)
(2600 words, G.) Roxy always meant to hug or fist bump or something when she met Dirk in real life, but instead everything is just really awkward. Oh man, this is perfect: Roxy and Dirk's isolation and the way that plays out, the way Roxy yearns to be touched and Dirk is so guarded. And the way the friendship shines through the awkwardness all the same.

Carry Me Home Tonight by anxiousAnarchist (pale Roxy/Dirk)
(1100 words, teen.) Dirk helps Roxy to bed - because Roxy Lalonde of all people can find a way to get shitfaced even in the Medium - and she looks after him and he looks after her. Ugh, Derse kids, breaking my heart so good always.

A New Hope by minna (Jane/Eridan)
(700 words, G.) The alien boy with the cape and the fish face seems like kind of a douche, but he's sitting on his own and Jane's feeling reckless. Oh my god, this delights me.
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This is an edited version of a post I made over at my fic LJ. I decided that if I was going to try out the Dreamwidth thing for real, I may as well start as I mean to continue. By which I mean talking about Homestuck until I run out of breath, and then maybe continuing with terrible pictures. (Not really a joke: this fandom makes me wish I could draw so badly.)

NOTES: This is going to inevitably contain some spoilers. In Homestuck canon basically everything is a spoiler, every single fact functions as a reveal, including characters' names and appearances. Seriously, for the first 200 pages/panels we only know one character's name, and everybody else is only a chat handle on his screen. This is something the author did deliberately, to recall the way that internet friendships work, where you usually don't learn someone's name or what they look like until you've been friends with them for a while.

THE PREMISE: Homestuck is an epic multimedia webcomic.

It is the geekiest, most meta-tastic thing ever, utterly ridiculous and hilarious and self-conscious, EXCEPT ALSO it will break your heart and make you keysmash in overwhelmed emotion and pain and the kind of delight that fuels solar systems )

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