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So a million years ago I asked for prompts to write ficlets! And then I got stalled on an unwritable prompt, so I only ended up writing two, both Hikaru no Go.

Tonight I finally got around to uploading the second one to AO3, so:

Morning Light
Shindou/Touya, 1400 words, PG
Akira has never woken up with no knowledge of how he got to bed before. (Woke up together prompt!)

First Pass
Isumi/Waya, 1100 words, G
Isumi comes home to find Shindou sitting on his front steps, scowling in a weirdly un-Shindou-ish way. (Bodyswap prompt!)

It is retrospectively a little hilarious how diligently I avoided the actual point of both of these tropes.
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One Direction | Harry/Louis | 6500 words | PG

A Sixth Form AU. Harry and Louis have always done things like this, always messed around. Louis doesn't know why it's not funny this time.

Something Real (AO3)

... and on that day I finally gave up on double posting, welp.


Posting fic for a massive OTP in a massive fandom is this weird mix of attention and anonymity. I uploaded this to AO3 three days ago, and it got 600+ hits in the first twelve hours or so, and then immediately dropped to a handful. Which I sort of expected, on both accounts, but it still feels a bit strange.

Anyway, despite the fact that this is the worst ship for the worst fandom, I enjoyed writing this seriously a lot, and I'm really fond of it now it's done. I adore this kind of high school AU, in all its tropey shamelessness.
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For the "candy" square in my cottoncandy bingo card.

Homestuck | Feferi♥Sollux, Sollux♠Eridan | 2900 words | PG | at AO3

Sollux didn’t plan to start Fourth Year playing terrible travel games with Slytherin aristocracy, but the honour of Ravenclaw House is at stake. Apparently.

Taste Test )


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