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Hi! Thanks a bunch for writing a story for me. All of these fandoms are dear to me and I'll be so delighted to get any of them.

Firstly, if there's a story about the characters we got matched on that you really want to write, please don't feel like you need to write something that's a better match to my letter instead. An idea you're excited for is almost always going to be a better story than one written when you want to be writing something else. But if you're looking for ideas, here are some things I like (and a few things I'd rather not receive).

Generally: I love happy or somewhat hopeful endings. My favourite stories are the ones that hinge on relationships - romantic or family or friendship or antagonism or any of the spaces in between. If you write shipfic, I mostly prefer getting-together over established relationship, but it's not an always thing. I love canon fic and AUs both, and I'm cool with the tropiest of AU tropefics. The only categories of AU I'm not into are A/B/O (if by any chance you don't know what that is, then don't stress; there's no chance of you writing it by accident), and characters having their nationalities changed for an AU. (So, yes to high school AUs, no to American high school AUs, etc.)

Some of my favourite tropes (not all in one fic, but you know) include: amnesia and memory shenanigans, truth spells, babbling drugs, telepathy, honestly any kind of communication complication brought about by magic or technology, robots and AIs, listfic (20 facts, care and feeding instructions, fic in the form of recipes), ensemble banter, monsters, light h/c, meet-cutes and pining.

Femslash, slash, het or gen are all fine, and I don't mind about rating - you can go as high as you like, or you can write the G-est of G-fics, whatever works for the story.

I would rather not get: Tragic or unrequited endings, noncon or dubcon, pregnancy and babyfic, or marriage and weddings. If there's a canon character - other than villains - that you dislike for any reason, I'd rather you not include them in the fic.

Characters: Any (Hana, F Chopper Koga, Tomo-Zo, Fuki)

Signup notes:
I would adore femslash but I would also adore friendship fic. Tourfic or something set during Hana and Koga's high school days or in the early days of Gacharic Spin or Fuki falling in with the Gacharic Spin girls, or tropey AUs set in space or really anything, honestly, anything written with love for this band would delight me so much. Here's a primer I wrote about the band.

DOLL$BOXX are a Japanese rock/metal girlband and they are fucking fantastic: super-talented, super-cute and will blow your face off. Regardless of whether there's any chance of you wanting to write girlband RPF for Yuletide, I hope you click on the primer above to check out their music because they're amazing. Also this is their drummer.

Only four of the five members are in the Yuletide character list, but it was necessity only; I love Oreo Reona and would love fic including her too. I also love the Gacha Gacha dancers Mai and Arisa. Extend this character pool as much as you like, basically.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Characters: Kashima Yuu (and/or Hori, Chiyo, Mikoshiba, Nozaki, Seo, Waka)

I listed Kashima because I wasn't completely comfortable asking for "Any", but I would be delighted with fic about any subset of the characters above.

I love the canon pairings as well as Seo/Chiyo, Seo/Kashima and Chiyo/Nozaki/Mikoshiba, and I love the friendships between Kashima & Mikoshiba, Chiyo & Mikoshiba, Chiyo & Seo, Seo & Kashima. Really any combination of characters in shipfic or friendship gen will probably charm me to pieces.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is a completely delightful shoujo anime & manga (I mean, I think technically shounen because of the magazine the manga's published in, but not really), which is all about subverting shoujo tropes in the most affectionate and hilariously perfect ways. It's about a high school boy who's a shoujo mangaka, and the other students who act as his assistants with different parts of the manga process or act as unknowing templates for his characters. You can watch it streaming at Crunchyroll.

I love the gender dynamics in the show, so I don't really want something that flips that back to the mainstream - so not Hori being Kashima's prince or Waka being the one to ask Seo out, etc. Specific prompts if they're useful: the characters on an organised test of courage in the school after dark; somebody breaking their leg and being helpfully and unwelcomely assisted around the school by someone not very helpful (Kashima, Seo, Mikoshiba); more of Seo being carelessly gallant to Chiyo, because I super loved the umbrella moment; Hori pulling Kashima down by her tie and I know that's not a plot prompt but nnnng.

I haven't read most of the manga, so no major post-anime spoilers, please. I don't mind small ones.

Gunnerkrigg Court
Characters: Katerina Donlan (and/or Annie, Paz, Robot, Shadow, Gamma, Zimmy, Red, Blue)

I listed Kat because I wasn't completely comfortable asking for "Any", but I would be equally delighted with fic about any subset of the characters above.

Femslash would be amazing (Kat/Annie or Kat/Paz or Gamma/Zimmy or Red/Blue), and I adore Robot/Shadow, complicated and conflicted anthropomorphic sweethearts in love. Friendship fic would also be excellent, especially school shenanigans; whether of the regular sort or the magic/science school sort.

Gunnerkrigg Court is an absolutely delighftul webcomic about a boarding school of weird science and magic and odd creatures, centring around Antimony (Annie), who has an intuitive flair for natural magic, and her best friend Kat, who builds robots. It starts out kind of distantly charming, but becomes terribly emotionally absorbing. Also, lots of excellent queer characters.

I wrote about school shenanigans above, and I think some kind of magical or SF trope would be really fun too, for any set or pair of these characters - body swap, sudden telepathy, amnesia, etc. In terms of more character-specific ideas: for Gamma and Zimmy I'd really like to see more of Gamma's perspective, what Zimmy's world is like for her, the ways she needs and uses Zimmy and is needed and used by Zimmy, and the desperate love thrumming under all of it. For Kat and Paz I'd like to see giddy pleased still-new girlfriends goofing off maybe, or maybe the two of them negotating the stage that comes after that, getting to know each properly, the different ways they think and the things they value, the way their views of each other deepen and shift. For Red and Blue I just kind of want to see them being terrible together. For Robot and Shadow, I don't know, something weird and sweet; nothing that delves too darkly into the Kat cult or anything. For Kat and Annie, one thing I'd like to see would be a shift in their relationship - one of them seeing the other in a new light (could be shippy but could be something totally else). Growing up together and being so close means you miss things, sometimes.

Kamen Rider OOO
Characters: Any

OOO things I ship: Ankh/Eiji, Hina/Ankh/Eiji, Date/Gotou, Mezool/Hina, Satonaka/Mezool, Satonaka/Hina, Ankh/Kazari, Kazari/Uva, any kind of Greed OT3 with Mezool in it. I also love the platonic found family relationship between Hina & Ankh & Eiji and would adore something exploring that. Any kind of Greeed family shenanigans would also be brilliant, whether canon or AU; I love that terrible mess of selflessness and self-interest and yearning and curiosity and play-acting that hold their little chimerical coin monster family together (sort of).

So Kamen Rider is a Japanese superhero franchise. Each series features a more-or-less bug-themed superhero who transforms into his suit form by means of a belt, and occasionally rides a motorbike. This is so that he can fight a particular kind of monster scourge which varies by show. The rider’s power always has the same source as the monsters’ power, because ~thematic. The monsters are terrible mixtures of rubber suits and CGI and blatant toy-marketing, so it helps if you can get a kick out of that kind of ridiculousness. (At one point in OOO there are land sharks.) The fight scenes are otherwise pretty fun and usually include ridiculous motorbike stunts and explosions. Also very very pretty guys getting attractively beaten up and leaning on each other.

Kamen Rider OOO (pronounced O’s, as in the plural of O) is basically about the danger and the necessity of human desire. The aesthetic is the most chaotic and uneven of all the KR shows I’ve watched, but when it works it crystallises into a kind of trashiness that is super-appealing. To me. The two main characters are the very consciously slashy/OTP-ish pair of Eiji the optimistically nihilistic hippie rider with PTSD, and Ankh the soulless chimerical bird monster who usually appears in the human form of an appealingly fey and changeable asshole with a clawed monstrous bird hand which he likes to menace Eiji with by stroking his neck with a claw etc. Also sometimes he’s just a floating monster arm. Anyway their relationship is super-interesting and becomes really moving even though Ankh is basically the worst, just, always. Other things OOO has are: Hina, who deserves a better franchise; a secondary rider pair who are essentially adoring battle husbands; my favourite KR villains, a group of metal soulless chimerical monsters with v. attractive human forms + fairly well designed monster forms who sort of flirt with ideas of the possibility of family and love and how much of that is play-acting when you’re a self-interest-driven metal chimera; lots of gratuitous shirtlessness and guys getting soaking wet; also lots of cakes, for some reason. You can find english subs of the episodes on youtube, or download them here, among other places. There are a lot of episodes, but they're easy to marathon.

I love the main slash ships for OOO and as I said also the idea of Greeed family gen or Hina & Ankh & Eiji gen, but I also would super adore femslash; despite the fact that they hardly ever interact I ship the OOO femslash ships harder than for any other KR show. Any and all variations on "Hina or Satonaka becomes OOO with partner Mezool" delight me. Or Mezool going after Hina as the weakest point in Ankh's defences, and becoming fascinated by her. Or Hina and Satonaka hanging out more, in any circumstance. (I love Chiyoko too, although not in a shippy way: the way she adopts everyone, her passions and enthusiasm.)

Kamen Rider W
Characters: Any

I love Philip/Shotaro, obviously, how could you not. I adore all permuations of Akiko & Philip & Shotaro, all of their relationships with each other are amazing. I love Saeko, awful machiavellian self-possessed mess, so much, and shipped her with Yukie like burning. I'm also super-invested in the Sonozaki sisters together. And Shroud is fascinating to me; I'd love to see more of her relationship with her daughters, especially.

Kamen Rider W is the soulbond detective Kamen Rider series. It has a 2-in-1 primary rider, Double, who are literally two dudes who share each other’s thoughts when they’re wearing their rider belts, and can transform into a single body-sharing rider. When they transform one of them collapses into a swoon, and is usually caught by the third main character, Akiko, their landlord and boss at the detective agency, my favourite of all KR heroines and dorky queen of my heart. She has a kind of found-family sibling vibe with both of them. The riders are Shotaro the wannabe-hardboiled detective with a squishy centre and Philip (Marlowe reference very intentional), the amnesiac boy with an entire library of information inside his head who doesn’t really know how to person at the beginning of the show. At the beginning it’s kind of Akiko holding their dynamic together, despite the soulbond, but by the end Philip and Shotaro are possibly even more OTP-ish and slashy than Eiji and Ankh. I guess the emotional arc is kind of like good arranged marriage tropefic? But with SF-ish soulbond stakes. You can find English subs of the episodes on youtube, or you can download them here, among other places.

Vaguely specific prompts, if useful: any and all shenanigans involving Akiko and Philip's or Shotaro's unconscious body; Akiko and Shotaro's shared media obsessions; Philip's further experimentations with ladies' fashion; Akiko and Terui being lazily domestic; Akiko being a jerk about revving Terui's belt; HUGGING this show didn't have nearly enough hugging and cuddling, especially around things like Shotaro's Terror attack etc; moments from the Sonozaki siblings' childhood; Saeko and Yukie forming that alliance we were teased with, with all the double-agent games and secrets from each other that would entail, plus ideally makeouts.

Love Sick The Series
Characters: Noh, Phun

I'd prefer something sweet and tropey rather than something heavy on the angst about their situation. I love the whole ensemble so something with an ensemblish feel would be excellent, but I'd also be happy with something that really tightly focuses in on Phun/Noh, whether post-series or as some kind of missing scene.

Please be kind to Aim and Yuri.

Love Sick is a Thai teen drama about two boys fake dating, which gets massively less fake pretty quickly. There's currently one season, and a second planned. It's incredibly, incredibly ficcish and self-indulgent and delightful. When it isn't fake dating tropes it's sweet sickfic tropes and incredibly flimsy excuses for shirtless wrestling. It's completely ridiculous and I love it.

There are English subs here. But heads up that the first episode is both not very representative and not great video quality (most of the episode takes place at a party, and all the low-lit dance scenes are kind of pixelated). I liked the first episode! Obviously, since I went on to watch the second. But it’s super-super ensemblish, to the extent that you have no idea who the main characters are supposed to be, and it gives the impression of being this kind of faintly gritty real lives of teenagers deal. Apparently the feedback they got on the first ep was that it was a hot mess, so from ep 2 onwards they narrow in on the fake dating boys and it just becomes, like ... pure delightful rolling around in high school AU tropes forever. (The ensemble is still great, but they become secondary characters.)

Fic-wise, I just want something as tropey and shameless and ridiculous as the show, really.


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