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Jan. 4th, 2014 01:03 pm
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Love Song No. 31 (Homestuck, Rose & Karkat, Rose/Kanaya, 4.4k, pesterlog quadrant meta)

30 Sentences (Various, 600 words, fills for the 3-sentence ficathon)

Something Real (One Direction, Harry/Louis, 6.5k, sixth form AU)

Morning Light (Hikaru no Go, Shindou/Touya, 1.4k, woke up together trope with no actual night-before-the-morning-after)

First Pass (Hikaru no Go, Waya/Isumi, 1.1k, outsider POV bodyswap trope)

Night Visits (Adventure Time, Marceline/Bubblegum, 2.6k, ridiculous gothic horror AU)

Knew You When (Chihayafuru, Chihaya/Shinobu, 3.9k, canon-divergence AU in which Shinobu is the one to introduce Chihaya to karuta in elementary school)

Touch Shy (Ookiku Furikabutte, Abe/Mihashi, 1.7k, near-canon future fic with ... idk tropeyness and Abe's v. earnest and methodical determination to think things through till he gets them right)

Encore (No. 6, Shion/Nezumi, 1.5k, tropey tropey reunion fic)

+ 1 fanvid: The Crow (Avengers, Clint & Natasha, brainwashing/rescue/partnership vid)


Looking back, did you write more fics than you thought you would this year, less than you thought, or about what you predicted?

This was a no-main-fandom year, so I guess I wouldn't have expected myself to write more than this? It's still a fairly sparse list, though. Especially as 5 of these were essentially prompt ficlets written in maybe an afternoon each. And I wrote ... essentially no original fiction at all. Oh.

Your best story of this year?

There isn't one that instantly stands out for me. I would say maybe Love Song No. 31, because it's definitely the most thoughtful fic I posted in 2013 (posted rather than wrote, since I wrote a good 75% of it in 2012), and I worked really hard on the voices, and the meta too although I ended up being more attached to the characterisation and Rose & Karkat's friendship. But it's also ridiculous and barely a narrative, so.

What’s your favorite story this year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you the happiest.

Again there isn't one that immediately jumps out at me, but I'm going to go with the vid, The Crow, because I don't vid much at all and there are definitely things in this one that I would fix if I could, and I never did work out how to really resolve the ending, but I'm truly proud of it anyway.

Okay, NOW your most popular story?

I think this has two answers, maybe? By hits and kudos this is Something Real by a fucking landslide, because that thing has over 10,000 hits and coming up on 400 kudos which is ridiculous. But. It's One Direction. And 1D is a crazy-huge fandom upon which this fic made barely a ripple, so.

So possibly my most popular fic was actually Love Song No. 31, because it was actually noticed by its fandom, ended up recced twice to [tumblr.com profile] theatheneum, and generally got a lot more notice than I expected.

Story of yours most underappreciated by the universe, in your opinion?

Hmmm. I didn't really write enough for this question. But I guess I thought I might get a better response to Night Visits, given how popular the pairing is, by femslash standards.

Story that could have been better?

I'm actually quite pleased with Knew You When, but I also feel like it was a potentially amazing premise that I only got something good-ish out of. There's something brilliant in the promised rivalry between Chihaya and Shinobu that I didn't quite get a hold of. And just in general a canon-divergence story that goes further than the point of divergence itself needs to be less half-assed about following through - it needed to be longer and to really delve into the differences that resulted, to live up to what it could have been.

Most fun story to write?

This could also be Love Song No. 31, because pesterlogs are amazing to write and I miss that a lot about being in Homestuck fandom. But I'm going to go with Encore, because that was just an easy wallowing in feelings, writing too fast to think very much because I had no time, and I've reread it like four times since I posted it just because I enjoyed the headspace I was in at the time so much, quiet dreamlike yearning emotion and banter.

Sexiest story?

I don't know why I keep this question in, lol. I am the least sexy writer. Maybe Something Real? That one has the most in the way of makeouts.

Hardest story to write

Love Song No. 31 took the longest, but it was enjoyable to write at every stage, probably because it was so 'splainy and I love doing that. So Knew You When, because finding a way to even get these characters to a point where they knew each other well enough to even think about kissing nearly defeated me. And then trying to reposition a premise that was essentially Chihaya's story (learning to love karuta and pursue it for a slightly different set of reasons to canon) into something that became Shinobu's story (loneliness and finding someone she wanted to face across the cards), while still somehow conveying what was going on in Chihaya's head, Chihaya who says exactly what she's thinking but leaves out all the amorphous path she took to get to those thoughts - it nearly did my head in, and I don't know that I managed it.

Easiest story to write?

Haha, the two Hikago ficlets, maybe First Pass in particular because there's just something really comfortable about the Waya/Isumi dynamic. Anyway both those ficlets were written in a period of no real time at all, with zero angst.

Story I haven't yet written, but intend to

Oh lol. Let's answer instead with story I'm writing but haven't finished, which is still a list of multiple stories, but the one I'm most invested in finishing is the Shingeki no Kyojin space AU. Which is going to need real character motivation work, to get the ending right, working out how all three of the characters feel about each other. And I've started that but still need to spend a while piecing the rest together, I think. At least if I do work it out, I'll be able to write these characters again, if I want.

(The one thing that struck me most when I was doing that was realising that Mikasa really is a trope character, a really familiar one. It's just that her being a girl made it hard to recognise. Because she's the silent lethal protector type, whose loyalty toward one person is won irrevocably in a moment when they have lost hope, and/or in childhood [both, in Mikasa's case]. Like, she's the character Ouran Host Club's Mori is meant to typify. But because she's a girl and Eren's a boy, the way she devotes herself to his safety takes on weird power dynamic undertones, as it doesn't if the protector is a boy or the protectee is a girl, and we get confused and don't know how to read the relationship. Anyway I love her and their whole tangled mess of a trio and eventually I guess I will finish fic of some kind about them.)
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