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I finished my [community profile] femslashex fic today! Thirty seconds ago, actually. It's been mostly finished for hours, but the last couple of hundred words have been all inching-forward-a-sentence-at-a-time, trying to find a wrap point. The ending is still a little abrupt and needs some finessing, probably, but it is an ending. I could post the fic right now if I had to.

That probably means I should start the canon review for my Yuletide. Or do the adapted Nano thing that I'm not going to talk about because it's already the 2nd and I might not do it.

Maybe I'll just bask in completion glory for a bit instead.


Favourite fanwork from the past week:

The Pontic Rapport: or The Curious Cousins by russian_blue (Sorcery and Cecelia | 4300 words | G)

This is a freaking jaeger pilots AU for Sorcery and Cecelia. I came out of Pacific Rim absolutely positive that there were going to be a million PR AUs for fandoms like Teen Wolf and Supernatural and Avengers before I even got home, but I didn't think anyone would do something as cool as this. The style is excellent - epistolary like the books - and the worldbuilding is wonderful. Steampunk magical fusion jaegers and a kaiju war in the age of limited information and highly patriotic and filtered media coverage, damn yes.
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