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My problem with Sleepy Hollow is that almost all of the cool tropes and trappings that should be selling points are straight off my eh list.

Gothic aesthetic? Kinda boring to me.

Ichabod vs. The Modern World? Eh.

English gentleman with olde worlde manners? Bored. (Also with the North Star Assistance scene I feel like I listened to a completely different conversation to the rest of fandom. Because it sounded like he told a total stranger to stay in a possibly abusive relationship until she was absolutely completely sure it was past saving?)

Period flashbacks? Never work for me in a modern show, possibly I was too scarred by Angelus.

Witches? Not this kind.

Christianity-themed apocalyptic elements? No stop.

And, I mean, I love Abbie and Jenny's relationship and history a lot, I'm pretty fond of where Abbie and Ichabod's partnership is going, I like the cast, I like that Abbie is special and chosen too, not just the white dude who got to skip past emancipation and the civil rights movement and female suffrage so he could learn about cell phones and stop the apocalypse. (I mean, I feel bad complaining about that in this show that does diversity so well, but as a general pattern, why is it always a member of the one demographic that was doing OK back there that gets to travel forward in time?)

I like this show, and given time the things I like about it may be enough to make me love it. It's just sad for me that these cool tropey things that should be garnish aren't things I find cool.
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