Dec. 8th, 2013

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Writing my Yuletide basically follows the same set of steps each time:

1) I'm going to do Yuletide so well this year! I think I'll write longfic. Or maybe I'll finish my assignment really early and then write treats for all the other fandoms I offered! I'm so pysched damn.

2) Look it's just 1000 words. I can do that. I can pull off something really effective in 1000 words.

3) Oh god this canon is impossible to write why didn't I realise that before I offered it.

4) That is a terrible clumsy ficlet and I am embarrassed but it's done. I should probably not add an apologetic author note. Even though I want to.

5) Ooh, positive response. Maybe it isn't irredeemably bad. It could be ... a little bit charming?

6) Why is my amazing fic not on the first page of results when you sort by kudos.

I'm in between 3 and 4 at the moment. I finally managed to get together an outline and start writing this morning, and by that I mean I have 71 words, but the psychological difference between 0 words and 71 words is pretty immense to be honest.

My deadline is 18 December, because that's when I leave the land of reliable internet, and I have to do all my xmas shopping before then, so this is honestly ... getting kind of tight. But not at total panic stations.


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