Oct. 4th, 2013

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I have five and a half thousand words of Shingeki no Kyojin space AU now, which hasn't even so much been a WIP as I thing I pick up and use to scribble about impossible space monsters every now and then. But I've written pretty much everything I had in my head now, and it's really just missing an ending, which ... I can almost feel what it should be? So I should work it out soon. It's all feelings now, though, and no monster battles or world building, so it takes actual concentration. And I'm not even sure it's worth it, because ... gosh, this fic is so 'splainey.

I think this kind of excessive worldbuilding could actually be id-fic for me. There's something that's satisfying on kind of a soul-deep level about writing internal monologuey world exposition, even when I know it's bad for the story. Anyway, maybe I'll just call this a fic for me, and let other people make of it what they like. If I ever write that ending.

Hey, excerpt )


I got my [community profile] femslashex assignment, and at first glance it's really doable. I got matched on two of my fandoms, plus a third that I didn't offer but could easily write. Then I spent a week casting about wanly for any ideas at all.

I think maybe I have an idea I like now, I don't know, I'm a bit nervous about the pairing I've chosen. I think they might be one of those superficially easy but actually fiendishly difficult pairs full of deceptively enticing wrong turnings, like Rose/Kanaya. Possibly I'll still switch fandoms and try something else. Since options.


I've been learning Japanese - with assorted books and internet resources and Anki flashcards which, wow, Anki, I adore - for the last month or so, and I'm enjoying it so much, it's ridiculous. I guess I'd forgotten how satisfying it is to learn things, and a language is so brilliantly, I don't know, enclosed, as an area of study. Like, it's a huge amount to learn, but you can feel its edges, too, and you can really track your progress through it, it feels so objectively measurable.

I have a vocabulary of about 250 words, now, and a handful of polite verb tenses and particle usages, and I'm hoping next chapter will give me either adjective conjugations or plain-form verbs, because those are super mysterious at the moment. Like I think you use both polite and plain forms in the same sentence, maybe? Things I will probably find out soon! Excite.

I also have over a hundred kanji now, which, I'm finally getting to the stage where I look at new characters I want to learn and I already know parts of them, a lot of the time, which is so exciting for me. They just feel like gifts, like getting kanji for free.

I obviously can't really read actual things, yet, but it is making the pecularities of manga scanlations a lot more understandable. The other day I came across the ridiculous exchange "Thank you." "No, no need to apologise" in a scanlation, and I was so pleased to remember that sumimasen can mean either thanks or sorry. I mean who knows, maybe that wasn't even the translation, but that kind of thing still feels like suddenly getting to see a little further in than before. Like a language is a huge green valley obscured by a thick white mist you get occasional glimpses through.

Basically my goal, in so far as I'm letting myself have a goal, is to get as competent as I am in Spanish. So not at all a fluent speaker, but able to read, if I don't mind taking my time, and able to get by in a simple conversation if the person I'm speaking to is patient. Spanish took three years of university, but I think I'm a lot better at basic language acquisition skills than I was then, so even without the formal structure I think I can move more quickly than that. We'll see, there's no practical necessity behind it, so if I lose momentum that will be OK too.


Favourite fanwork from this week:

Down to You by [archiveofourown.org profile] longleggedgit (Free! | Nagisa/Rei | 4800 words | teen)

It's the first actually good Nagisa/Rei fic I've come across, and damn I hope it's the first of many, because they're such a great ship. I'm still waiting on a fic that really uses the way Nagisa teases Rei in canon, but this is a terribly appealing picture of them all the same. I really like how warm it feels, how warm Nagisa's voice is, even though the irrepressibility is the more obvious characteristic.


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