Sep. 20th, 2013

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Firstly, if there's a story you already have in your head for whatever pairing we got matched on, please feel free to ignore my letter and go for that! An idea you're excited for is almost always going to be a better story than one written when you want to be writing something else. But if you're looking for ideas to spark off, here are some things I like.

Generally: I love AUs, especially with self-indulgent tropey settings - highschool, space, coffeeshops, flower shops, band AUs etc. I love canon fic too, but just to say that if you were wondering about AUs, I am cool with them :) (The one caveat I'll add there is that I don't like seeing characters' nationalities changed for AUs.)

I love happy or somewhat hopeful endings, and pining, and first kisses. I love clever magic and plottiness and monsters and desperate codependent huddles. I love amnesia and memory shenanigans, and communication troubles, especially with a magical or SFnal bent, and In Vino Veritas and truth spells and deception and telepathy. I love charming plot-lite banter and cute animals, especially if they're a little weird. I love robots and AIs. I love listfic - 20 facts, care and feeding instructions, fic in the form of recipes etc.

I don't mind about rating - you can go as high as you like, or you can restrict them to a kiss on the hand, whatever works for the story.

I would rather not get tragic or unrequited endings, noncon or dubcon, omegaverse, infidelity, pregnancy and babyfic, marriage and weddings, or domestic established relationship/curtainfic (I don't object to it or anything, it's just a harder sell for me personally?)

Chihayafuru, AtLA, Gunnerkrigg, Shingeki no Kyojin, xxxHolic )


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