Apr. 19th, 2013

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That AO3 stats meme is going around again, I guess? This kind of meme always seems most attractive to me when I'm not really writing. Because sure, I added maybe 200 words to each of my WIPs in the last fortnight, but look at all these other things I wrote once. Things that people liked, even! Look, they read them and everything.

By Hitcount )

By Kudos )

It's actually kind of interesting the way these start out as basically the same list, and then diverge sharply halfway through. The Hitcount list is basically "Here are all the fandom OTP slash pairings I have written in currently popular fandoms, plus those two times my Yuletide was for a juggernaut fandom". Plus two of my favourite stories I've ever written - the Bandom/Disney co-write and the Jane/Mulan one I wrote for [tumblr.com profile] toujoursgai's birthday. The Kudos list is basically, "Some of those things, but also HOMESTUCK, wow, Homestuck fandom sure likes to kudos". It has a lot more femslash and gen, and swaps out the older (better) Jane/Mulan fic for the Yuletide Belle/Mulan fic.

I'm a bit delighted those two Homestuck gen fics made the list. One of my favourite things about Homestuck fandom is people getting excited about relationships between characters who don't want to kiss each other.

I worked out eventually why that one Thor/Loki fic was so popular. Apparently it got recced on /report? I have occasionally conflicted feelings about /report, but hey, thanks guys. Anyway, it looks like it's going to be overtaken by the John/Karkat one soon, so I guess actually being in a fandom and writing more than one story for it does count for something.

Other than the Disney fusion and a couple of co-writes with [archiveofourown.org profile] softlyforgotten that don't quite make the top 10, my Bandom fic continues to be persona non grata at AO3, ahaha. I don't know if Bandom is very active at AO3 these days, but if so it certainly isn't reading my old OTPs.

I find it kind of interesting that 'Earthbound Spook' is now my most popular Harry Potter fic at AO3. I don't know if it got a high-profile rec somewhere or if it was just the effect of taking the Major Character Death warning off and putting in an author's note instead, lol, because it never used to be. I'm glad, though - it's one of the fics I'm most proud of writing, still, six years later or however long it's been.


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