Jan. 11th, 2013

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I've spent the last three nights vidding Avengers, and wow, this is going so much faster than anything else I've tried to vid.

I'm still feeling my way with this medium: in two years of occasional-vidding I've finished two and left I think six unfinished in the graveyard of my hard drive, plus the playlist of never-to-be-made vids on my ipod. So I don't know if this one is so much quicker because it's the first time I've worked from a single source - especially as my characters have ensemble roles in the film, so there's even less canon to wrangle - or if I've just got saner about clipping. It's working so much better, anyway. I'm two thirds of the way through the song in three nights of working on it (plus two months of mentally mapping the vid out before I actually started, but, well). How You Survived the War took me freaking months, like possibly six of them I can't remember, and with technical dramas and losing the file and switching software, I didn't post (Don't You Mess Around With) My Little Sister until over a year after I started it.

It's a Clint & Natasha + Loki vid to Dessa's 'The Crow'. The challenges so far are trying to fit the clips into rap lyrics - because seriously slow down, woman, Clint didn't finish firing his bow yet - and trying to push all of my Natasha and Natasha/Clint and Loki feels into a single vid. They, uh, don't fit. Obviously. But I've been periodically trying to find a song I could vid Natasha & Clint to since the movie came out - I never got properly into Avengers fic, but the vids are my favourite thing in the world, and Co-Dependent Messed Up SHIELD Assassins vids were pretty much all I came out of the movie truly wanting - and I kind of don't think I'll find another one. So I've been messing up the storyline a bit by trying to force all of my thoughts about Natasha and monsters and vulnerability and redemption and heroism into a vid that is, in fact, about Loki suborning Clint. So, you know. Whoops.


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