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Love Song no. 31 AO3 | DW (Rose & Karkat, Rose/Kanaya, 4300 words, PG)
Love hurts. It's supposed to.

majyyks 'verse
Taste Test AO3 | DW (Feferi♥Sollux, Sollux♠Eridan, 2900 words, PG)
Sollux didn’t plan to start Fourth Year playing terrible travel games with Slytherin aristocracy, but the honour of Ravenclaw House is at stake. Apparently.

Celestina Warbeck Ultimate Mixtape AO3 | DW (Roxy & Dirk, 1500 words, PG)
The end of Seventh Year is coming too soon for Roxy.

Past John: Pester Rose for the first time AO3 | DW (Rose & John, 800 words, G)
What it says on the tin! Good friends, best grimdorks

A 1-in-8 Chance AO3 | DW (Terezi♠Vriska, 3000 words, PG)
They have a conflicted and difficult friendship again now, but Terezi wouldn't be preparing to be in the same room as Vriska, for the first time in nearly two sweeps, if they hadn't been paired up for a trainee examination. (A non-Sgrub AU.)

Things That Come in Threes AO3 | DW (Vriska♣Aranea♣Meenah, 1600 words, G)
It's the third time this week that Vriska and Meenah have brought their street conflict to Aranea's ER.

Tell Me True AO3 | DW (Jane/Roxy, 2300 words, PG)
"This is an emergency beffsy situation," Roxy said. "Priority, like, 8.3, which is a totally bullshit number I just made up that basically means 'Outranks the fuck out of whatevs bs class full of stuff I already learned years ago that we have next'."

New Ways to Fall Apart AO3 | DW (Rose/Kanaya, 2600 words, PG)
Kanaya is usually good at offering caring and reasonable comfort. But this, right now: this she isn't equipped for.

No Quiet Sleeper AO3 | LJ (John/Karkat, 3900 words, PG-13)
Small-time hurt/comfort cliche plus ridiculous locked-in-together cliche plus timey-wimey.


Whole New Worlds AO3 | DW (Mulan/Belle, 1300 words, PG)
"Wait, no, wait, don't shoot!" Belle cried, hopping and untangling a cord from her foot as she followed the robot into the workshop. "Chip, it's all right, she's the ship's security officer. She's a friend." (A Space AU.)

Almost There (A Disney Office AU) AO3 | LJ (Jane/Mulan, 4200 words, PG)
In which Jane has a crush and a dream, Mulan is determined but asleep on her feet, and Shang is possibly stalking Aladdin.


Take Your Breath Away AO3 | LJ (Annie/Laena, 3000 words, PG-13)
When Annie got her police badge she didn't think she'd spend her first supernatural incident running for her life. But you can't fight a breath-stealer.

The Elliot Code of Honour AO3 | LJ (co-written with softlyforgotten: Ryan/Brendon, Z/Tennessee, 29,000 words, PG-13.)
Masquerades, double identities, cross-dressing, feuds, duels and pining. (A regency AU.)

Sea Child AO3 | LJ (Z/Tennessee, 1000 words, PG)
Z knows that you don't trust the word of a mermaid.

Crossed With Silver AO3 | LJ (co-written with softlyforgotten: Jon/Brendon, 3200 words, PG)
Brendon finds the cywolf behind the dumpster at the back of the college conservatory.

First We Take Manhatten AO3 | LJ (Z/Tennessee, Z & Charlotte, 6000 words, PG)
The undeclared war for Tennessee Thomas. (A highschool AU.)

Five Steps for Acquiring a Sidekick AO3 | LJ (Z/Ryan, 11,000 words, PG)
Some people just don't know how to stay rescued. (A superhero AU.)

+ 21 Facts About Ryan, Intrepid Reporter for the Metro Star AO3 | LJ (Z/Ryan, 600 words, PG)

+ 21 Tragic and Heroic Soundbites from the Life of Charlotte Froom, Stormwalker AO3 | + LJ (Charlotte/Tennessee, 1000 words, PG)

Fae Attraction AO3 | LJ (Ryan/Brendon, 3900 words, PG)
If they hadn't been fighting, Ryan wouldn't have walked into the group of fae. (Urban fantasy AU.)

Prove the Child Ephemeral AO3 | LJ (Pete/Mikey, 1900 words, PG)
In which Mikey Way is a Victorian body snatcher ... but, mostly, Mikey Way.

Taylor Vanguard Gives It Her All AO3 | LJ (Z/Tennessee, 7300 words, PG-13)
Laena grinned. "I know, right? You get a *lesbian makeout scene*, Z. We're going to lose our 8.30 timeslot; it's going to be amazing."

+ Bunny Calloway Takes the Stage AO3 (amazing companion fic by softlyforgotten, 7600 words, PG)

+ Kissing Beth Bacall LJ (not!ficcy companion to 'Bunny Calloway', 8000 words, PG)

Damsel AO3 | LJ (co-written with softlyforgotten: Z/Ryan, 4100 words, PG-13)
Z's maybe not the carefullest of girls. (High school AU.)

Summertime Songs Don't Sound Like 'Goodbye' AO3 (Ryan/Brendon, 1000 words, PG)
Splitfic! Yep.

Learning to Fly AO3 | LJ (Brendon & Spencer, 2900 words, G)
Spencer had never started at a new boarding school on his own before. (Kidfic.)

Common Circuitry Problems AO3 (co-written with softlyforgotten: Ryan/Brendon, 3200 words, PG-13)
"Oh," Brendon breathed. "Your robot has a stutter. Spencer, that's *adorable*."

Special Design AO3 | LJ (Ryan/Brendon, 900 words, PG-13)
Five ways Ryan was a robot.

Chance of Sunshine AO3 | LJ (Jon/Ryan, 2300 words, PG)
Busking AU. Ryan didn't expect a sunflower.

Kiss the Girl AO3 | LJ (co-written with oddishly: Ensemble, 6300 words, PG-13)
Ten times Disney did it best.

Tongue-Tied for You AO3 LJ (co-written with oddishly: Ryan/Brendon, 1700 words, PG)
Ryan can be kind of oblivious.

Ryan, the Littlest Loneliest Skeleton AO3 | LJ (PatD, 4100 words, G)
Ryan wouldn't mind being a skeleton if he weren't so alone.

+ Ghost Days AO3 | LJ (Ryan & Spencer, 1100 words, G)
A Spencer companion ficlet.

+ The New Boots AO3 | LJ
Brendon has a new invention.

Five Ways Jon Walker's Name Doesn't Have an H in It AO3 | LJ (co-written with oddishly: Jon, 1100 words, PG)
How five people met Jon Walker and became aware in the first ten minutes of meeting him how to spell his name.

Hazard's Child AO3 | LJ (Jon/Brendon, 5300 words, PG)
In which Jon wins Brendon in a dice game. An AU of Georgette Heyer's short story 'Hazard'.

Stray AO3 | LJ (PatD, 1800 words, G)
Boys in the rain, with cuddling and kittens. Don't say you weren't warned, okay.

Drink Me AO3 | LJ (Ryan/Brendon, 9900 words, PG-13)
The worst thing was that Ryan, the boy with the newsboy cap and the shy smile, didn't know about the love potion.

+ I've Got a Question for My Dragonfly AO3 | LJ (Jon/Spencer, 1900 words, G)
There are probably better first impressions than the kind you make when you're jumping off a cart after a mechanical dragonfly.

+ Little Blue Fish AO3 | LJ (Ryan/Brendon, 10,100 words, PG-13)
In which Ryan finds out about the love potion.

+ The Lamp-Eater AO3 | LJ (Ryan/Brendon, 2000 words, PG)
Whatever the creature in the streetlamp is, Brendon's never seen one before.

Blindsided by Your Smile AO3 | LJ (Jon/Brendon, 2000 words, PG)
It takes Jon a moment to recognise the hyperactive drama kid without his huge smile and his glasses. (High school AU.)

I, Robot (Machines Just Wanna Have Fun) AO3 | LJ (Ryan/Brendon, 2300 words, PG)
Ryan isn't actually a robot. Maybe. It's complicated.

Ficletty things

Silver-Bright Shine AO3 | LJ (Z/girl!Pete, 600 words, PG)
Z wakes to a terrifying sight.

Declarations AO3 | LJ (PatD, 400 words, G)
Ryan got the message on a Friday night.

The Girl With the Parasol AO3 | LJ (Tennessee/Ryan, 400 words, G)
Ryan saw the girl at the top of the bridge when he was still climbing the pedestrian steps.

The Staircase Scene AO3 | LJ (Z/Charlotte, 500 words, PG)
Charlotte has always hated that scene in every teen movie where the heroine comes down the stairs in her prom dress and the music swells and her date loses the ability to form words.

21 Assorted Observations and Oddments Regarding Lindsey, Enchanted Mannequin of The Hat Trick AO3 (Lyn-Z/Gerard, 400 words)

Feline Factor AO3 (PatD, 200 words, G)
In which Jon buys Brendon a robot cat.

House of Cards AO3 (Ryan & Alex Greenwald, 300 words, G)

City Forsaken AO3 (Tennessee & Charlotte & Z, 400 words)
Tennessee and Charlotte ride into a silent city.

Toy Story Christmas AO3 (Ryan & Brendon, 400 words, G)
What is says on the tin.

Respect the Classics AO3 (Jon & Spencer, Ryan/Brendon, 600 words, PG)
High school cliches.

The Boy in the Picture AO3 (Ryan/Brendon, 400 words, G)
A titchy AU based on P. G. Wodehouse's Sam the Sudden.

Questions About Birds AO3 (Z/Ryan, 300 words, G)
Tinyfic based on a postcard from Scoradh.

Staircase Magic AO3 (Brendon, 600 words, G)
The staircase in Brendon's house doesn't always have the same number of steps.


Touch Shy AO3 (Abe/Mihashi, 1700 words, PG)
It took Abe longer than it should have to realise that when he touched Mihashi now, Mihashi shivered and stuttered and just about fell apart.

Straight Talking AO3 | LJ (Abe/Mihashi, 1800 words, PG)
Having found a pitcher who listens to him, Abe would really like it if they could actually communicate.


First Pass AO3
(Waya/Isumi, 1100 words, G)
Isumi comes home to find Shindou sitting on his front steps, scowling in a weirdly un-Shindou-ish way.

Morning Light AO3
(Shindou/Touya, 1400 words, PG)
Akira has never woken up with no knowledge of how he got to bed before.

More Than Meets the Eye AO3 | LJ (Saeki/Ashiwara, 4300 words, PG)
In which Saeki spies, and Ashiwara might not be quite what he seems.

+ Reciprocal Stalking (Is More Fun Than the Regular Kind) AO3 | LJ (Saeki/Ashiwara, 1900 words, PG)

Mirror Games AO3 | LJ (Waya/Isumi, 3500 words, PG)
Shindou dropped his chopsticks with a clatter. "Waya," he said, his eyes huge, "don't look now, but there's another of you."

Sleepwalking AO3 | LJ (Waya/Isumi, 2000 words, PG)
It's been not quite a year since Waya's seen Isumi. It shouldn't have been long enough for him to come back looking like ... this.


Hold Still AO3 (Doumeki/Watanuki, 300 words, G)
The dangers of the storeroom.

Footbridge AO3 | LJ (Doumeki/Watanuki, 2800 words, PG)
For somebody who sees so much, Watanuki misses a lot.


This Way Out AO3 | LJ (The Black sisters, 2000 words, G)
Andromeda is the proof.

Out of Focus AO3 (Harry/Draco, 1400 words, PG)
Harry's lost his glasses.

Second Impressions AO3 | LJ (Harry/Draco, 18,000 words, G)
Sometimes you make friends in an instant. Keeping them is a lot harder. (Kidfic.)

Smile, Fond AO3 | LJ (Percy/Oliver, 10,100 words, R)
Something's happening tonight, and the whole country is on edge. Newspaper people should know things, but Oliver's as wound up and lost as everybody else.

Earthbound Spook AO3 | LJ (Harry/Draco, 58,000 words, PG-13)
Two months after Draco Malfoy was reported dead, Harry and Ron found him tangled in Strangler Ivy on the grounds of Hogwarts.

Drowned Boy AO3 | LJ (Marcus/Percy/Oliver, 4000 words, R)
Oliver wants to drown himself. Percy wants to study, but he's willing to be distracted. Marcus probably wants trouble, but it's hard to tell.

Doxie 'Flu AO3 | LJ (Harry/Draco, 3900 words, PG)
Doxie 'flu can have truly disastrous side-effects, as it turns out.

The Other Side of the Glasses AO3 | LJ (Harry/Percy, 1200 words, G)
Harry's attached to his glasses.

The If Sieve AO3 | LJ (Harry/Draco, 36,000 words, PG-13)
An If Sieve lets you see how things would have unfolded if somebody had made a different decision at a particular time.

+ Mirror Maze AO3 | LJ (Harry/Draco, 7200 words, PG)

Precision Speaking AO3 | LJ (Percy/Oliver, 1500 words, PG-13)
Percy makes a speech. Oliver meant to listen, but he's a little distracted.

Slip Twixt AO3 | LJ (Harry/Cedric, 5200 words, PG)
Early fic, prefects' bathroom trope.

A Day at the Seaside AO3 | LJ (Ron/Draco + ensemble, 7700 words, PG)
Early fic, ensemble silliness.

+ Foe Charmer AO3 | LJ (Ron/Draco + ensemble, 6700 words, PG)

Ficletty things

High Horse AO3 (Sirius & Walburga Black, 700 words, G)
When there's no higher ground to be had, sometimes you can still find a small square of the common kind.

Baby Blue AO3 (Harry & Teddy, 400 wors, G)
The first time Harry holds Teddy. (Vaguely AU.)

A Lady Tonight AO3 (Ron & Pansy, 1400 words, G)
After the Battle of Hogwarts, Ron finds Pansy smoking a cigarette outside the castle.


Encore AO3 (No. 6, Shion/Nezumi, 1500 words, PG)
Shion wasn't prepared for it to be such a replica of the first time.

Knew You When AO3 (Chihayafuru, Chihaya/Shinobu, 3900 words, PG)
In the last year of elementary school, one of the most promising young karuta prodigies of the decade transferred to a new school in Tokyo. From Kyoto.

Night Visits AO3 (Adventure Time, Bubblegum/Marceline, 2600 words, Teen)
A gothic tale including a lightning strike, two kisses, a remembrance of fog, a broken promise and at least one crime against science.

30 Sentences AO3
(Fandoms: Hikaru no Go, Anne of Green Gables, Gunnerkrigg Court, Code Name Verity, Calvin & Hobbes, Harry Potter, Adventure Time, Homestuck, due South, 600 words, G)
Fills for the 3-Sentence Ficathon.

Something Real AO3 (One Direction, Harry/Louis, 6500 words, PG)
A Sixth Form AU. Harry and Louis have always done things like this, always messed around. Louis doesn't know why it's not funny this time.

Reasons Why Lizzie Bennet Is Perpetually Single: A Helpful List Compiled by Her Awesomer, Sexier, Totes Adorbs and Amazing Younger Sister AO3 | DW (Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Lydia & Lizzie, 1400 words, G)
Lydia Bennet, bringing the adorbs and laying down the truth.

A Fine and Public Place AO3 | LJ (Vorkosigan Saga, Ivan/Byerly, 2400 words, PG)
High Vor gossip is both a volatile threat and a tool to be used.

Look to the Future AO3 | LJ (Thor, Thor/Loki, 1300 words, G)
Loki's worked out why Odin brought him here. (An AU set in the growing-up-in-Asgard era.)

Wondair and Extraorder AO3 | LJ (Mitford Sisters RPF, 4400 words, G)
The Mitford sisters at Hogwarts, in 21 facts each.

Apple Vines AO3 (Chrestomanci Chronicles, Cat & Chrestomanci, 2200 words, G)
Cat doesn't think he's had a family, a proper family, in - well, in a long time.

Blades in the Night AO3 | LJ (Prince of Tennis, Fuji, 4600 words)
Fuji Syusuuke can make knives fly like swallows, glittering silver death. (Vigilante AU.)

Peanuts Gakuen AO3 | LJ (Peanuts/Prince of Tennis fusion, Marcie/Peppermint Patty, 1700 words, G)
Peppermint Patty's having trouble perfecting her Boomerang Snake.


The Crow AO3 | DW (Avengers, Clint & Natasha, Clint & Loki, song by Dessa)
Barton's been compromised.

(Don't You Mess Around With) My Little Sister AO3 | DW (due South, Francesca & Maggie, song by Michelle Shocked)
Well she's a rocker, she takes after me.

How You Survived the War AO3 | LJ (Harry Potter, Malfoy family, song by The Weepies)
For their cowardice, treachery, desperation, adaptability, love, loyalty and survival, this one's for the Malfoys.
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